Naturally imperfect drinking straws

Naturally (Perfectly) Imperfect – just like an autumn leaf

At Eco Green Straws, our focus is on providing an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws. Why? Because plastic straws really suck.

Everything that can be found in nature is unique. There are no two plants, animals (or people!) that are exactly the same. All of our natural drinking straws are therefore one of a kind, and there is something special about that. 

Although our natural drinking straws are of a consistently high quality, each drinking straw will be slightly different to the next. Some may call these imperfections, but we see them as completely natural and therefore perfectly imperfect! We believe that by embracing nature (and all of its imperfections), we can offer a product that is not only good for the planet but also good for you, our Team Green clients.

Like an autumn leaf

One way to think about our natural drinking straws is to compare them to an autumn leaf. If you were to look closely at two autumn leaves, even if they are from the same tree, you will see that they are subtly different. We believe there is beauty in this “imperfection.”

And if you were to go back to the same autumn leaf a few months later, you will find that it has started to break down, returning to the earth as soil to provide nutrients to the tree that it fell from.

This is the same beauty that you will see in our natural drinking straws. All naturally (and perfectly) imperfect, all created as part of a natural and regenerative cycle. 

We are proud to offer functional and sustainable natural drinking straws that won’t cost the earth!

So, let’s take a closer look at our products

Our eco-friendly grass straws are made from water grass and are 100% garden and food waste compostable. They are sturdy enough to withstand normal use but will break down over time in the environment.

Our wheat straws are a fantastic alternative to plastic or bioplastic drinking straws. They are made from the stem of the wheat plant so are even gluten-free! They are also 100% garden and food waste compostable and return to the earth as soil within 3 months.

Natural drinking straws do it better

All of our straws are designed to be a sustainable alternative to plastic straws. You can view our full range of eco-friendly straws. They are suitable for use in both hot and cold drinks and can be disposed of in compost bins and will break down naturally in the environment and look super cool in a cocktail or ice-coffee.

So why should you choose Eco Green Straws? Our natural straws are a great way to reduce your impact on the environment while enjoying your favorite drinks. 

The best part is that our products are made from renewable resources and are 100% garden and food waste compostable. This means that they will not contribute to the buildup of plastic waste in the environment, unlike traditional plastic straws.

Join Team Green

At Eco Green Straws, we are committed to sustainability one sip at a time.

By embracing nature, we are celebrating our authenticity as a brand and providing a product that is good for the planet and providing a fantastic and unique drinking experience!

But most importantly, our straws won’t cost the earth so why not give our straws a try and join us in the fight against plastic waste!

Visit our website to become a client or a distributor and learn more about our natural drinking straws

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