sugarcane straws 6mm

natural drinking straws
pla free straws
PLA Free
compostable straws
Home Compostable
sugarcane straws 6mm

Sugarcane Straws 6mm

Sugarcane Straws 8mm

sugarcane straws 12mm

Sugarcane Straws 12mm

Origin Taiwan

Made from Plant-based ingredients using real Sugarcane

Decomposes in 4-6 weeks

Never Soggy

Taste Free

Cold & Hot Drinks

  • Colour: Light Yellow
  • Length: 14cm | 21cm |  25cm
  • Diameter: 6mm | 8mm | 12mm
  • Uses: Cocktails, Soft Drinks, Smoothies, Shakes & Bubble Tea (12mm)
  • Shelf life: 12 months from delivery
  • Storage: Dry, cool internal area
  • Annual capacity: 1 billion straws per year
  • Paper wrapping available (all sizes)
SGS certified

SGS Certified

compostable certified

Compostable Certified

eco green straws
natural drinking straws

100% Biodegradable and Garden Compostable

sustainable straws
Zero plastic

recyclable or compostable packaging

taste free straws
Taste Free

you only taste your drink

durable natural straws
Soggy Free

never get soggy

compostable straws
Home Compostable

returns to the earth as soil

pla free straws
PLA Free

does not require industrial composting

circular economy
Circular Economy

made from agricultural waste

generous width straws
Perfect Width

Available in 6mm | 8mm | 12mm